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Teens Growing Up in a World of Drugs Essay

  • Submitted by: CollegeGirl24
  • on January 24, 2013
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Teens growing up in a world of drugs

I. Introduction
            a. Drugs are a growing problem in todays’ world.
            b. Teens are being introduced to drugs at an early age.

II. Drugs and its cycles

            1. Starts out as fun.
            2. Causes an addiction
            3. Becomes a way of life

III. Ways to educate about drugs

  1. Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E)
  2. Pact360

IV. Programs for addicts
  1. Drug Rehab
  2. Drug Counseling

Teens growing up in a world of drugs
  In today’s world drugs are being introduced at an early age.   The youngest addicted on record is a 6 year old girl in Britain, she was given heroin by her mother.   This may be the youngest in Britain, but every day you hear about how a baby was born to an addict and now the baby is an addict.   These cases not only start the baby off on a bad life but it even puts their life in danger of serious health problems or even death.   Drugs are every where’s and it is becoming a growing problem worldwide.   Here in the U.S.A. cities such as Miami, Washington D.C., New Orleans, LA, San Francisco, CA and Atlanta, GA are listed on the Forbes Top 10 Drug cities with each having close to 1,000 drug cases a year.   (2009. Forbes Top 10 Drug Cities in U.S. www.forbes.com/drugcities.)   These numbers are growing every year. Who does drugs? Is the addiction in children only?
  The answer is everyone.   Wither you are young, old, rich, poor, smart, or dumb someone is doing drugs.   Drugs affect every nation and every person no matter the status a person may hold.   When people think of drug addicts they picture a person that is living on the street, having no teeth, looking rough and selling their body for drugs.   Is that always the case?   No.   Many rich people do drugs; they have the money to keep them in supplies and they look and dress normal. Who are drugs affecting mostly now?
  Teenagers, they are being introduced to drugs every day at an earlier...

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