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Television Education Essay

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Below is an essay on "Television Education" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Television is not fresh to people any more. It changed our life from the scratch with various programmes and timely information. There is no doubt that television is one of the top popular media among children. At a rapid update frequency, TV programmes content become diversified. Such as drama, it includes many categoris: Action, Thriller, Comedy, and Science-fiction. Therefore, whether television has educational benefits for children or not is heated. Children are able to contact almost all types of programmes. This essay will argue that television could be educationally beneficial for children. Firstly, it will suggests three aspects that young audiences may benefit from television, which are establishing knowledge bases, simulating study motivation and cultivating etiquette. Then it will shows some negative effects on school attendance and academic achievement. A conclusion with suggestions will be drawn finally.
    Viewing television may lay a foundation of basic knowledge for pre-school children. When a child is watching television programmes, many information might be absorbed by himself or herself automatically. It could be an efficient way to lean for young child by watching appropriate programmes. Children could achieve basic knowledge by viewing educational programmes. First of all, children's vocabulary will probably be expanded. Secondly, number counting ability of children could be enhanced. Thirdly, children's cognitive ability may be built. Such as ' Sesame Street ', a famous child television series , is a good example. According to the study, children who have encouraged to keep watching ' Sesame Street ' for 26 weeks show a significant pretest-posttest progress in counting, recognizing the alphabets, telling body part names ,classifing items and so on(Fisch2004:21-24). These knowledge lay a solid foundation for preschool-age children .
    Watching suitable programmes is a wise method to arouse children's thirst for knowledge and stimulate...

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