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Tennis a Performance Essay

  • Submitted by: tennis16champ
  • on September 18, 2012
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Tennis as a Performance
Some people have different views on what the word “performance” actually means. On dictionary.com, I found a definition by an unknown author and they defined it as “the execution or accomplishment of work, acts, feats, etc.” Performance, in my mind had always been the thought of a play, and an audience being present. Now I think that everything someone does is considered as a performance no matter if there is an audience watching or not. Performance is involved in sports as well, such as for tennis. When you think about comparing tennis to a play, the tennis court is like a stage to an actor, and you are acting on the court like an actor acts on their stage. For being part of the tennis community, there are various types of ways that performance is included into tennis. The main performance that can be an issue at times if taken to far is when two players are really good friends. They have to have the ability to perform on the court as if they aren’t friends; another performance is the overall game.
There is an article, “Tennis Tips For Beginners,” with different topics for tennis; the main one that caught my attention is Psychology of Tennis (Part 1). The article focuses on how to become a better player and explains few objectives on how to act and what needs to be done in order to perform to the best ability. According to the article, you need to be able to understand how to react to various types of games your opponent brings you. The unknown author mentions that getting fit and having great reflexes is a spectacular way to perform well. All of what the author has said in this article is very true, if you are not certain about what your opponent is bringing to you, that will cause some difficulties to your performance or if you are not in good of shape, then it will be difficult to perform to your best ability. So make sure that you try your best and figure out your opponent’s game and get fit, so you can do the best that you can!...

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