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Text Analysis

  • Submitted by: Nenholme
  • on January 5, 2013
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English Essay on Text Analysis

This online article is about a Great Dane from Michigan as it says in the headline. It is explaining how this dog ended up in The Guinness World Records for its outstanding and unusual size.

The genre of this text is an online article, describing and informing an unusual event. It gives unique information for example ‘the 3-year-old measures 44 inches from foot to shoulder’, this information could shock the reader and also make them read on. People who are interested in new news articles or like to go online would read this kind of article, also it is for any age group as anyone would find it interesting and informing. The purpose of this article is to inform people about a new world record, I think it is also there to entertain people   as it has some humour in for example ‘A Great Dane from Michigan is doggone tall’, this is a connotation and also adds some irony to the text. There are other tones to the text for example it is light-hearted and pleasant. The mode of this text is spoken; however it doesn’t not give the name of the author so it could be argued that this is a written text.

The words used in this article are a mixture of Old English words and French origin words. The Old English words make this text easier to understand, these are the shorter words that are monosyllabic e.g. ‘world’s and just’ however there are French origin words that tend to be longer or make the author seem more educated, for example ‘hind, published and recognizes’, these create a more serious tone to the text.

Many nouns are used in this article as it is describing the dog, so there are many words used that are nouns and also adjectives which are used to describe the dog, for example ‘hind legs, tallest dog and giant George’ this makes the article a lot more interesting. Most of the sentences are simple sentences however there are a couple of compound sentences. There is also a clause- ‘Standing on his hind legs (subordinate clause), Zeus...

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