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The 4 P's In Action Essay

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Course: Strategic Marketing
The 4 P's in Action
  Although the history of home video rentals is still short, Blockbuster was able to make its mark on the industry. As technology changed with formats and players, Blockbuster has changed along with them. Today, Blockbuster is challenged to survive in the face of an unforgiving economic environment. In order to prosper financially, the following are some suggestions made by using the 4 P’s.
  1. Product
  1.1 In order to meet different needs of different customers, Blockbuster should provide more services. Some people like renting from a Blockbuster store directly instead of waiting for mail. Some young people do not like going outside and they prefer to order online. Thus varieties of services such as renting from a physical Blockbuster store, renting online and downloading a rental online should be provided. The more kinds of services Blockbuster provides to meet customers’ needs, the more customers are attracted to choose its product.
  1.2 It is very important for Blockbuster to keep providing products with a high quality as well as the physical features of the products. For example, Blockbuster may negotiate with some film and game video companies to reach an agreement that these companies would like to let Blockbuster and only Blockbuster provide the newest releases. Thus customers have to choose its products if they would like to watch the new video or play the new game.
  2. Place
  2.1 Making sure that the products arrive when and where they are wanted is an important operation. Thus transport system is very important for Blockbuster. An efficient transport team should be organized to make sure that the products which customers require for can be delivered to the right place on time. The customers will be satisfied with this performance and will still choose Blockbuster to buy its products.
  2.2 With the development of network technology, the customers begin to rent online or download a rental...

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