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The Advent of Renaissance Essay

  • Submitted by: wahrera
  • on November 12, 2012
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The Advent of Renaissance
Still in the midst of a Great Schism and well into the duration of the Hundred Years’ War, Northern Europe’s status in the 15th century was still marked by significant distraught and conflict (Kleiner 536). Heavily reliant on feudalism, the 15th century would see a variety of progressive changes. These include but are not limited to feudalism’s eventual dissolution and replacement by capitalism and the flourish of more classically-oriented artistic styles. Shifts in power, a deeper interest in returning to religious roots, and commissioning by powerfully wealthy rulers resulted in a propensity towards vastly different artistic pieces focusing on emotional impact and using a variety of styles previously unknown (Kleiner 536). What were once fairly basic statues and repetitive architecture gave way to prominently religious altarpieces, ornate designs throughout cities, and artistic influences heavily Roman in style. Different methods and techniques were also explored, including foreshortening and perspective, and Fred S. Kleiner notes the “…adoption of oil-based pigment as the leading medium for painting, and the blossoming of printmaking as a major art form, which followed the invention of movable type” (536). This period would come to be known as the Renaissance, a fitting descriptor for the meaningful and literal rebirth of widespread interest in the arts.  
A prominent example of the Gothic style in its peak includes the center Assumption of the Virgin panel of the Creglingen Altarpiece, by Tilman Riemenschneider (Kleiner 554). The piece uses an astonishing degree of intricacy. Of particular note are the garments in the sculpture, where each individual garment is full of plentiful strokes and shapes and giving them a certain lifelike quality prevalent throughout the majority of Riemenschneider’s works. This, by extension, also adds a fluid, cohesive motion to the work which allows it to properly emphasize each part of the piece,...

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