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The Age of Aquarius Essay

  • Submitted by: aquarius23
  • on January 24, 2013
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Alejandra Bobadilla
History 101
Mr. Westbrook
60’s Exam Make up
The Age of Aquarius
      The 60’s was a decade nicknamed the Age of Aquarius.   In order to understand this immensely important decade in U.S. history we must first understand a little about this sign. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, the Water Bearer, which pours new life into culture. Aquarians are the mystics, the idealists, the reformers, the humanitarians, the innovators, the inventors--and, most of all, the communicators of their groups, as were the people of this critical decade.   They are original, stubborn, freethinking, and curious about ideas that run counter to tradition. Given their humanitarian impulses, they are often strongly dedicated to the cause of human fellowship and are capable of total self-sacrifice in the service of the common good; this sounds like the boys who fought in Vietnam and the ones who fought to bring them back home. Many Aquarians strive to live more on the spiritual plane than on the material one. They are the hippies of the Zodiac!  
          I have always felt a strong attraction towards the 60’s.   I remember the first book report I did was on Dr. Martin Luther King, a civil rights activist who fought for equality.   This report was impacting to me because of the price people had to pay to get the where they are today.   In my adolescence I dressed like a hippie, had the walls in my room covered with posters of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and The Doors.   It was their music that spoke to my soul, their ideas that matches my own. I read articles about Woodstock and any other important event of that time trying to emulate the culture, even so with my drug use, all the while cultivating an ideology of fighting the system.   I yearned for a worthy cause to stand up and defend like the activist of the 60’s.   Maybe it’s because I also am an Aquarius that I share a connection with this generation.  
        The 60’s marked a time of change and many were...

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