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The Amish Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: annmichelle53
  • on January 7, 2013
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The Amish Culture
                                                      Ann Regan
                                                      Ant 101
                                                    Dr. Bailey


The Amish Culture
  I. Beliefs and Values
  1. Strong religious tradition
  2. Limited acceptance of progress
  3. Practical arts taught
  II. Kinship
  1. Belief in large families
  2. Children are taught to take care of the farm
  3. Children are taught to take care of parents
  III. Social Change
  1. Agricultural primarily
  2. In recent years businesses
  3. Will now use some machines

                                                The Amish Culture
Amish lifestyle is dictated by the Ordnung, meaning order in German. The old Amish culture is very strict about using the old ways, and not using the modern advances, like electricity, and mechanized farm equipment. In recent years the Amish have started to open small businesses to supplement their income. This is a very interesting culture. I have enjoyed studying the way they live. I want to show how the culture has changed over time, and how it has stayed the same.
I also find it interesting that they do not build churches. I thought that all religions built houses of worship. They have strong belief in God. They believe in the literal meaning of the Bible. They meet in the homes of the members. They reject pride arrogance and haughtiness. They place value on humility, calmness, composure, and placidity. They believe in willingness to submit to the “Will of Jesus.”   They are not baptized until the age of eighteen to twenty five. The belief is that no one younger can make such a life choice.
The Amish still use horses for transportation, and farm work. They are very skilled at building furniture, wagons, and buggies. They do not use cars or farm machinery. The children start working in the garden...

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