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The Aztecs Essay

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  • on October 17, 2013
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The Aztec empire is a vast civilization located east of Mexico City. It possesses a mass population of over 200,000 that spoke their native language Nahautl. The Aztecs were an intelligent indigenous population who had their own calendric system. They worshipped three main Gods known as Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc and Quetzalcoatl. Their purpose was to learn, live, and worship. At the time, they had little interest in expansion, due to their thriving central capital of Tenochtitlan where Moctezuma II, supreme leader or known to the Aztecs as the tlatoani, resided and ruled over the Aztec people. At the time of Moctezuma II’s reign, Spain was making arrangements to set out overseas in search of territory for empirical expansion and resources, especially gold and silver, because the spanish could use those materials to trade with the Chinese dynasties who were far more advanced.
On February 10, 1519, Spain’s emporor, Diego Velazquez, sent spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes` and an army of 508 men to Mexico. A few months later, they arrived in Mexico and began to march inland. During their search for local civilization, the spaniards stumbled upon a man named Jeranimo de Aguiler, a spaniard who had survived a shipreck in 1511 and picked up on the local mayan dialect. It turned out Aguiler was enslaved by a the Yucatan Mayans, though the Mayans agreed to release Aguiler along with several women. One of those women, La Malinche, could speak the Aztec language Nahaut and the local Mayan dialect. With Aguiler and Malinche, Cortes was able to avoid linguistic barriers, as he had gained two people who could translate. On June 3, 1519, Cortes and his men arrived at the first major city, Cempoala, inhabited by the Totanacs, a population who had gained their independence from the Aztecs. They were happily greeted, as the Spaniards were seen by the Totanacs as rebels against the Aztec empire. Cortes supported their view as an opposing people against the Aztecs, continuing their...

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