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The Best Parenting Style Essay

  • Submitted by: KanYeeLam
  • on October 20, 2013
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The Best Parenting Style
Imagine a situation: “Mum, I want to play drums instead of piano,” the child cries. “No, George! Playing drums has no benefit for your future,” a young woman with long, black hair, and yellow colored skin replied. Yet, another woman with a pair of blue eyes, white colored skin, and long, brown hair answered, “Sure, Daisy. You have got real talent for playing drums.” Through these replies, it is not hard to find that George must be a boy growing up in a Chinese family, while Daisy is a girl growing up in a Western family. Lately, Western and Chinese parenting styles have aroused controversial arguments in various parts of the world. Educationalists, psychologists, and doctors are continually researching to find a better parenting style for our next generations. The traditional Chinese parenting style may be defined as authoritarian, namely a parenting style of child-rearing which emphasizes rigid standards and a tendency to control children through shaming, the withdrawal of love, or other punishments (Dewar). Many societies view this as a strict but tiring parenting style which is able to give their children a good, bright future, but no happiness at all. On the other hand, Western parenting style focuses more on self-esteem and independence for the child, hence, children growing up in western families tend to have more space and freedom. However, there are many critics of the western parenting style who maintain that it cannot cultivate any successful children as the parents do not put enough pressure on their children in order to encourage them to achieve a higher goal. The old saying, Each coin has two sides, is perhaps apt since
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there are both pro and cons for each parenting style. In order to educate a child to be self-motivated, self- disciplined, and successful, parents should use the best parenting style which is to combine both Chinese and Western models together by gradually allowing children to make their...

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