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The Birthmark Essay

  • Submitted by: vitocap1078
  • on January 6, 2013
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In the beginning of the story we meet a scientist, a man of great knowledge and passion of nature. We are told of his high intelligence and are made understood of him being a perfectionist.   Aylmer, a genius of science, had married a beautiful woman; a woman that many other men would have gladly loved and married. He had become obsessed with a small birthmark in the shape of a hand on his wife’s face, which in her opinion gave her character, bothered him to a point where he had nightmares about removing it. After approaching his wife about it, she became upset and embarrassed, and demanded him to remove it so she can be everything he wanted her to be. Aylmer used all of his knowledge of science and created a cerium from a flower that would make the birthmark disappear. After she drinks the medicine, she falls into a deep sleep, and the birthmark begins to disappear from her cheek. She awakens from the sleep and praises her husband for curing her from the mark that had made her imperfect in life, only to tell him that she is dying from the medicine.
We can clearly see that Aylmer character is a perfectionist and obsessive. His obsession of his wife’s birthmark has him spiral down into a madman that will not stop until his already beautiful wife is naturally perfect in his eyes. We come to understand in the end of the story that, Georgiana, not only had she become perfect but she had become a part of the most wonderful beauty that exist in the world, nature.
The Birthmark was another great story! It was a little harder to understand because of the vocabulary. I found myself stopping and looking a word up and then moving on. I also had to read it at a slower pace so I wouldn’t lose track. To me, the story reflected so much on the today’s generation. The new generations today are so worried about image. It has become a priority in people’s lives. We are afraid of what people might think or say about us, so we become over obsessive about our look. Even the smallest...

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