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The Black Plague Essay

  • Submitted by: Melissa2696
  • on September 21, 2012
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In 1348, tragedy stuck in Italy. Spreading throughout one third of Europe and wiping out all the population that resided there, “The Black Plague” or “Black Death” as some called it was well on its way to being known as a significant event in history. In just three years, 25 to 50% of Europe’s population was infected with the pestilence.
The plague showed itself in three ways: Bubonic, leading to tumors on neck, armpits, or groin; through the respiratory system, resulting in hacking up blood; and through the bloodstream. Fleas carried the disease, the rats were an available target for them to attach to, and so the rats would transmit the disease to the people. It was absolutely chaotic and disastrous. Brother abandoned brother because they did not want anything to do with this disease if the other sibling had it. There were so many people that died in one setting that instead of formal funerals, they were all thrown in pits. Bodies upon bodies, families upon families, and dirt over all; this was to be one of the worst epidemics in history.
This catastrophic event, however, happened to be one of the changes that encouraged Europeans to look forward to new lands a century and a half later, after the population had made a comeback. To conclude, the event that took place in 1348 stemmed the beginning and ending of many things like the foundation of new lands and engrossed knowledge of how to better the standard way of living.

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