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The Civil War That Was Bound To Happen Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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The Civil War was a war that was bound to happen. The North and South had been boiling for a while. It wasn’t over one thing. The three most important things that started the war were slavery, the economy, and morals.
The South’s money was based off cotton and tobacco. Cotton was the most profitable. A machine was invented to speed up the time. Thus, meaning they needed cheap laborers to make bigger profit. On the other hand, the North’s economy was more industrial based. They got help from New England. It gave them room to advance. The North was doing great while the South was just getting bad by the moment.
Slavery was a big part of the South. They needed the slaves for labor. The North, however, didn’t have any use for slaves. Both sides would agree; Sydney E. Ahlstrome says” Had there been no slavery, there would have been no war.”(Qtd. In Leidner).On both sides it was
a symbolic point. Even though most Southerners didn’t own slaves they thought it was a way for the North to destroy their culture. Northerners saw it as a way for the south to influence national policy. Most of it was on the political background.
Most people either had never seen a slave or owned one, it was mostly the politicians. South’s political leaders didn’t want to get rid of slaves because they thought they would lose profit. The North was split. They were both against slavery and for it. But still the North wanted to stabilize it from spreading. “The North had an interest in limiting the spread of slavery into the new territories for both purposes of controlling southern political power and support of the moral issue.”(Gordon Leidner). Most people wanted to avoid civil war. However, fire-eaters wanted to make war to guarantee the right to own slaves. The North side was willing to make war to end the right of slavery. So at that, leaders convinced the people to go to war, but they really didn’t tell them it was for slavery. The South said it was for their way of life. The North...

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