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The Cold War Essay

  • Submitted by: mnfissocoollike
  • on January 6, 2013
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The Cold War was one of the most intense and significant disputes of the 20th century, despite the fact that there was no military action taken. It was a time of great tension for masses across the world. In this essay, I aim to analyse and conclude whether the USA or USSR intended on starting the Cold War, by considering their respective intentions and the causes of the war.
After WWII, the USA was not only a victorious ally; it also came home to a booming economy. The USA seemed to have an extremely bright future, even more so when it was compared to the other countries that took part in the war. The USA had two main aims/intentions coming out of the war; for capitalism and free markets to become more common (which could be achieved a lot more easily with the elimination of communism.) and for Germany to rebuild. The USA was eager to achieve these goals, and many historians believe that the USA also wanted to become the ultimate superpower of the world.
The only threat to this claim to power was the authoritative communist state known as the USSR. We must realise, that WWII had detrimental impact on many of the European countries involved. Many people were living in extreme poverty, and I think that it is needless to say that the people of Europe were in dire need of change. Both America and the USSR felt that this change could be introduced and implemented by them. The USSR believed in the rigid and Marxist way of life, known as communism, where people were “equal.” On the other hand, the USA wanted to put capitalist ways to practice throughout Europe. This struggle of which political system between the two nations was undoubtedly promoted by the fact that it was not merely about the political system, it was about who was able to take control.
The USSR had faced worse consequences than the USA had after WW2, but were most definitely not as bad as its fellow European nations. The USSR also had some main aims, for example; they wanted to have the most...

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