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The Color of Water Essay

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  • on September 21, 2012
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The Color of Water
The color of water was written by James McBride it was published on 1/28/1996; by Penguin
Group (USA) Inc. this book was written in memory of his white mother. It’s about a relationship
of a black man and his white mother. The color of water consist love, secrets, and losses. The
Author may have chosen to share this book in memory of the mystery that surrounded his
childhood life the fact that he and his siblings were black and his mother was a white polish
woman who had 12 black children. This book will help to persuade you that the color of our skin has nothing to do with our hearts, black or white we are created equal.
James McBride was the 8th of twelve children; his biological father Andrew McBride died when his mother was pregnant with him he was a preacher before he died of lung cancer, they lived in a two bedroom apartment at   1950 Red hook housing project in Brooklyn,   when he was six his stepfather Hunter Jordan   moved them   to live at St Albans Queens in a   4 bedroom apt where Ruth   was the commander in chief his stepfather did not live with them at that time he only visited on weekends he was a Furnace fireman who worked for the new York city housing authority, James mother; Ruth never cared to socialize with the neighbors she had an absolute distrust of authority and an insistence on complete privacy, she worked as a typist at chase Manhattan Bank. James had five (5) sisters and seven (7) brothers.
Ruchel Dwajra Zylska was born April 1, 1921, in Poland. Ruchel was a born an orthodox Jews, when her parents migrated to America they changed her name to Rachel Deborah Shilsky.
When Rachael became nineteen and moved to Virginia she never used her name again, she said that in order to live she had to kill the childhood name that had haunted her.
Rachael got married to her husband in whom her family did not approve, so to them she was dead, dead in the sense that she was brought up to be an orthodox Jews; being the child of a...

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