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The Conflict Of The Play “Kintin” And Its Resoluti Essay

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  • on February 18, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The Conflict Of The Play “Kintin” And Its Resoluti" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The play, entitled “Kintin,” mainly revolves around the characters of Tessa, Kanor and of course, Kintin. Tessa, the daughter of Mang Teyong and Aling Kanela, is the girlfriend and supposed-to-be wife of Kanor, a barber. The character of the unseen evil spirit, Kintin, resolved the main conflict.
The major conflict of the play is mainly about the disapproval of Mang Teyong in the relationship and marriage of Tessa and Kanor because of the mere fact that Kanor is “just” a barber. The story starts of with the rumor from the people of their town that there was an evil spirit residing in Mang Teyong’s property. In order to eradicate the said “evil spirit,” Mang Teyong’s wife, Aling Kanela, suggested cutting off the trees so that whatever is that residing on their property will leave. However, Mang Teyong is also frightened. On the other hand, Kanor decided to go to Manila to look for a better job other than being a barber. Kanor then went to Tessa’s house to bid her goodbye for the last time. Mang Teyong was relieved somehow because by this Tessa and Kanor’s relationship would be put into an end.
This just turned Tessa gloomy and made her cry because Mang Teyong would never ever allow their relationship. Tessa went outside. Orang, Tessa’s sister, went out to look for Tessa. Orang then came back informing their parents that she saw Tessa acting bizarrely. Tessa was sitting on the rock nearby the alleged place where the evil spirit resides. She went home with flowers and further told her parents that it was Kintin who gave her these. “I am the only one who could see Kintin,” Tessa added.
Tessa’s family was alarmed by this. They were afraid that Tessa was being played by the evil spirit. Thus, they called for the quack doctor: Kanoni. Unfortunately, Kanoni could not heal Tessa. Teressa also related that Kintin would visit her in their home. Because of this, her family even sealed the entry of the house. However, Kintin could not easily be defeated for it entered...

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