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The Crucible Essay

  • Submitted by: chadnicholas
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "The Crucible" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When watching this movie you realize just how different things used to be as they are from today. The movie is set a long time ago when people did not have the knowledge or technology that we have today. First, let’s look at Betty who has been running around and dancing in the woods, but when caught and startled by her father she falls into a coma like state. In these days they did not have the medical technology that we have today or the understanding of diseases and the human body that we have. The people strongly believed in religion and that everything that happened was a sign from god and his will. Now today, we could understand that maybe she had an anxiety attack from being caught and passed out or had some infection that caused her body to shut down, by running batteries of test and analyzing all the data we retrieved. In this day people’s word of mouth was strongly held as law and rumors were very easily spread and believed. When Betty woke up screaming people began to believe she was a witch which is essentially saying that she is with the devil, whom is the route of all evils. In fear of getting in trouble all the girls began to point fingers at other people calling them witches. Some of the girls had a reason for doing this such as adultery and hatred, but mostly out of fear is the reason they did this. Fear is a very strong motive and can lead people to do many things that they don’t want to do or know they should not do. Once a lie is formed and begins to spread it is like a wildfire and is so hard to stop and put out. These people were lead to the Salem witch trials because of their religious beliefs of that everything bad that happened was because of God’s will or the devil. Also because they did not have the knowledge and understanding that we have today to determine what really caused people to die young or become sick. Like I said this was like a wildfire and once it got started it would not stop. It pitted neighbor against neighbor, family...

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