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The Crucible Essay

  • Submitted by: azizah14
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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Azizah Allah 9/8/12

Dear Elizabeth,

I open this book for the first time in years, and now with a pen in hand. They have taken you away, and the prospect of never seeing you again has reminded me of this gift that you gave me on our wedding day. As children, we were taught to relieve ourselves of our sins to the Lord, not to selfishly hide them in paper and ink. God forgive my mistake. You are not at my side and these words may be the only thing that saves me from the guilt.
I shall explain myself by recalling the night from the beginning. You and I had been upset with each other. You wanted me to go to Salem and testify against Abigail. I was defensive and unsure. I did not want to involve myself in this ridiculousness and make a spectacle of myself, and I did not want to involve myself with Abigail any longer.
Then Mary came home from Salem, where she had been forbidden to go, and informed us of the outbreak of witchcraft among the people. It was a ridiculous idea, I thought. But Mary informed us that now women would be soon hanged, and that my own wife had almost been accused herself!
When Hale came for you I could hardly bear it. Then when you bid our children and me goodbye the idea that you might not return brought shivers down my spine. But a heated rage came over me when I saw that you were to be handcuffed. This signs of guilt, as if you, sweet Elizabeth, were the criminal, and not me, the disloyal, cowardly husband.
I can no longer be hesitant. Abigail has gone too far with her jealousy, and I realize now that reason and logic has somehow been covered up. I must bring it back to the light and keep innocent lives, your life, from being lost.
You’re Husband,
John Proctor

My Darling Husband,

Oh how I miss being in the comfort of your arms. It’s so cold and dark in here and I feel alone. Sitting here made me wonder if you ever really loved me but after reading your letter I know that...

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