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The Crucible Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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In this intense novel, a man by the name of John Proctor is barely involved in the Salem Witchcraft Trials and is a much liked man in the town. Once he admits of to cheating on his wife and confessing to witchcraft, his good reputation is over and soon done with. Throughout the novel, he has changed tremendously, from a well respected secret man to a brave loving husband. His actions in the beginning were speculative and unlawful, but as he soon realizes what he’s done, he risks his good reputation for himself and the ones he truly love.
      In the beginning, John Proctor has done something he very much regrets, which was having a small affair with one of the Salem girls, Abigail Williams. His wife, Elizabeth Proctor, suspects it with a great deal. “Woman. She turns to him. I’ll not have your suspicion any more” (Miller 54). When John and Elizabeth talk about Abigail, John gets angry, knowing that he has cheated on Elizabeth and that Elizabeth will not stop complaining about he is not open with her. At one point in this act, Reverend Hale comes into their home to ask Elizabeth if she is a witch for Abigail has claimed she was. Anyways, he asks her if she knows her Commandments and she does, and he asks John the same thing, but he forgets to mention one of the Commandments: Adultery. It is very ironic because John has committed that sin with Abigail, yet he forgets it. “Hale: You have said that twice, sir. Proctor, lost: Aye. He is flailing for it. Elizabeth, delicately: Adultery, John” (Miller 67).
        In Act Three, John confesses to adultery when he makes Mary Warren confess to the court that she and the other Salem girls were pretending to be possessed by the Devil. “Proctor: You’re coming to the court with me, Mary. You will tell it in the court” (Miller 80). After Mary fails to tell the truth to the judges, Abigail starts acting up and John gets annoyed with that and says she’s only pretending. He thinks about how his wife is going to die for...

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