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The Crusades Essay

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The First Crusade
To fully understand what the Crusades are about, we must delve into the background of why they were started.   In the seventh century a new religion had come into being, Islam.   In 622, the prophet Mohammed began preaching and prophesying in Mecca.   He inspired many with his speeches and soon moved to Medina, where he became the ruler of the city.   The Muslims were inspired by this spiritual and worldly leader. Although Christ had not been a political leader, Mohammed was.   The Muslims believed that both the Christians and the Jews had been worshiping the true God, but they were misguided and did not accept the prophesies of Mohammed.   Muslims proliferated during this period.
Even though the Muslims were taking over most of the Roman territory in Africa and southern Europe, Spain, they did (not?) persecute the Christians.   Instead the Muslims let Christians worship as they had been before their reign. Many of the Christians were grateful; during the reign of Constantine and thereafter, the Christians had been set on a system of strict worshipping rules, and were glad to finally be free of rules of Constantine.   Though it was only in Africa that the Christians liked the reign of the Muslims, in the north it was very different.
After the Islamic people had raged another jihad, or holy war, against present day Spain, they conquered the area.   When they started to reach further into the heart of the Catholic empire, a man by the name of Charles Martel fought them in the Battle of the Tours, and won, forcing them back into Spain.   Many European Christians were extremely unhappy with the rule of the Muslims in their country. These Christians believed the lands to be consecrated by Christ, and having Islamic rule within this land caused it to become tainted.
Although the Muslims kept expanding into the Christian territory, they never overtook Greece and Asia Minor.   These territories were extremely important to the capitol of city of Constantinople,...

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