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The Day I Pooped Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Veronica McCulloh
p. 7
Every now and again we come across situations that truly shape who we are. Whether it’s power, or the opportunity to persuade and manipulate in our favor, how we assess things like this is a large contributor to shaping ourselves as people. In the play, Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, Mark Antony is presented with these opportunities throughout. He had to endure the killing of his superior, Julius Caesar, lead a war, and determine the fate of those who were incapable of ruling themselves. When bombarded with these circumstances, Antony seized these opportunities, was commodious, and successful in leading his men after the fall of their leader. Mark Antony, when conveyed with such liberties: like power, persuasion and manipulation, is one to thrive.

Antony was an inferior who found he liked his master, and consequently worked very hard- even with devotion. When ordered by Caesar to go touch Calphurnia in hopes of concieving, he did so willingly:
CAESAR: Forget not in your speed, Antonius,
To touch Calphurnia, for our elders say
The barren, touched in this holy chase,
Shake off their sterile curse.
ANTONY: I shall remember.
When Caesar says "Do this," it is performed. (1.2, 8-13)

Mark Antony is in a current position without much power, he's currently being given tasks that if Caesar weren't so highly stationed, would have to forego himself. Antony does this anyway with enthusiasm, now that he's been given some form of authority. He presents his capability of beholding such a privilege. Later on in the story, Brutus and Cassius, along with the other conspirators, kill Caesar. The next in line for Caesar’s position is Octavius Caesar, his adopted son-whom Antony contacts to eventually take over. Although, it is not safe yet for Octavius to take reign. In the meantime, Mark Antony takes ownership in leading the funeral in the commonplace and privately conducts preparations to overthrow the conspirators, all in the name of his...

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