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The Day Something Unexpected Happened. Essay

  • Submitted by: Bahalek09
  • on September 19, 2012
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The day something unexpected happened.
      Well you know that everyone has embarrassing moments and whether you are so humiliated you can barely speak, or whether you are laughing at yourself. I could told you embarrassing moments from my senior high school experiences, I remember so clearly from the fifth grade. I was only ten, and something happened, so it was just mortifying.   I went to school, and it was wonderful day. After that teachers gave us homework to write about celebrations.
Now I could not remember exactly what was said, but I knew what I wrote about "April Fools Day". April Fools Day originally started in France. A Long time ago, the New Year began in April in France. When they changed the start of the year to January, those who still celebrated the New Year on April first were known as "April Fools". I was having a great time. While, I wanted to share unknown facts to my classmates. As soon as I told them parts about how French people celebrate the holiday today, something unexpected happened: "French children today celebrate April Fools by drawing their own colorful fish and then sticking them on unsuspecting backs. If a person walks around without the slightest idea that they have a fish on their back, they are an April Fool." However, just as I read the last two words of my history, I had even felt coming tiptoed right out and BOOOOOM, it exploded so loudly it surprised even me.   Because instead of being applauded, my class burst into peels of laughter; they pointed at me and made fun of me.   Even though I couldn't smell anything, as I walked back to my desk, red faced, they held their noses and snickered.
For two years everyone called me "Fart Face", even my best friends. Once later in fifth grade I heard my own teacher chuckle and say quietly, "Fart Face , may I have your homework assignment?"
In the end, this is my most embarrassing moment for you! I told about the story to my girlfriend and She laughed so hard she farted right there...

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