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The Delay of Hamlet's Revenge Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The Delay of Hamlet's Revenge" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Taking revenge is an action of a resentful person who wishes to cause harm on someone for wrong done to oneself. It is up to the person taking revenge on how they will take action and when they will do it. In William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Hamlet plans on taking revenge of his father’s death by killing Claudius, his father’s murderer and successor to the throne. Although the passionate Hamlet wants to take revenge of his father’s murder, Hamlet ends up taking a lot of time before he takes any physical action. Hamlet’s delay of his revenge is caused by Hamlet’s testing of the ghost, his frustration with his mother, and his act of antic disposition.
After the Ghost of Hamlet’s father tells Hamlet about its murder, Hamlet expresses his doubts about the Ghost and starts to procrastinate on his father’s revenge. Because of his doubts, Hamlet decides that he needs to test the Ghost before he takes any action. At first, Hamlet tries to determine if the Ghost is telling the truth or not. “The spirit that I have seen / May be a devil” (II. ii. 585 – 586). Hamlet is a smart character and in contrast to another Shakespeare character, Macbeth, Hamlet decides to not take the unnatural for who they are and what they are trying to do. Hamlet realizes that this Ghost can be evil and could be trying to cause harm to him like the Witches try to cause harm to Macbeth. Because of his doubts, Hamlet decides it is necessary to test the Ghost by making the play “The Mousetrap”. The play is designed to display an event similar to Claudius killing Hamlet’s father. Hamlet’s plan is that when this happens in the play, Claudius will feel overwhelmed by guilt and this will let Hamlet know that he is responsible for the former King’s death. “We that have free souls, it touches us not. Let the / galled jade wince, our withers are unwrung” (III. ii. 232 – 233). When Claudius asks Hamlet about the play, Hamlet tells the King that the plot is harsh but that they should not feel guilt because...

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