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The Desert Essay

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The Desert
A biome is a large geographical area that is different from one another by the different plants and animal that lives or grow there.   There seven different types of biomes that are decided on the difference in climate in that area of the earth and living organisms.   The biome that I will be talking about is the desert which is usually a very hot and dry are of the earth not much can survive in the desert but what has survived today has evolved it to the dry and dead conditions. Deserts have limiting factors they have very low rainfall so water is very scarce and the animals have to adapt to the conditions by living without it for a long time.
The desert is a place where it is very hot place during the day and very cold during the night.   It can reach around 113 degrees in the day time and about 32 or under at night time during the winter.   The desert also has a very low amount of precipitation so low that most living organism cannot survive here they have about 10in of rain every year.   Most of the water that is there just evaporates because the desert is so hot and is keeping the sand at very high temperatures it cannot last long.   It manages to lose more moisture than it gets.   But there are not only hot deserts there can be cold deserts such as the north slope of Alaska.   In some parts of the world deserts can be created by a rain shadow effect where the air can lose a lot of their moisture as they move over mountain ranges and others are created from being very far from a available source of moisture.   Deserts are located all around the world more towards the middle of the earth.   The largest desert on the earth is the Sahara desert in Africa covering about 12 countries.   Even though the desert is very hot people manage to live there like in the Sahara people move around a lot most people do not live in cities the ones that do live in cities live there for mining reasons like iron ore and copper.   The way humans are able to live in the desert is...

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