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The Difference and Similarities Bewtween She' the Man and the Twelth Night Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The Difference and Similarities Bewtween She' the Man and the Twelth Night" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Differences and Similarities in the Play and Movie
    Williams Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest author of all time, famed for his   plays which have been made into various adaptions. Often when analyzing two pieces of literature that derive from the same inspiration, many similarities and differences can be discovered. In differentiating the film She’s the Man and the Shakespearean play The Twelfth Night, the similarity can be seen and differences throughout the characters, technique, a plot.
      Characters in the play and movie have many similarities but have recognizable differences. Fist of all Olivia is a character present in both play and movie but is portrayed very differently. For example, Olivia is heartbroken after breaking up with her college boyfriend in the movie while in the play she is heartbroken by the death of her brother, and mourns for him. She also acts upon her feelings more with Cesario in the play, where she professes her love for him openly. Whereas in the movie, she is shyer about her feelings, trying to get him interested in her by making him jealous with Duke. Olivia is similar in the way that she falls for Cesario/Sebastian and causes him difficulties with Duke by showing her interests in him. Furthermore, Viola also show may similarities and differences. In the movie, Viola dresses up as her brother to get revenge on the boys team on her school by trying to beat them in their rival team Illyria. However in the play, Viola dresses up as a man named Cesario so she can have some space after losing her brother in a shipwreck. They are both alike in the way that they fall for Duke during her time disguising as a man. Maria and Unice as well have differences between them. Maria is a maid of Olivia in the play, tricking Malvolio into believing Olivia is infatuated in him, falsely accusing him of being mad for his silly acts he has done to prove of his love for Olivia. This resulted in Malvilio being sent to a madhouse,...

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