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The Digestive System Essay

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The digestive system a system that does many things. It gives you energy, breaks your food down, and also gets rid of waste.   To get your energy the system has to have food. When you eat food enzymes in your saliva starts to break down the food as well as you chewing and breaking the food down. The enzymes start to break the food down into smaller particles sort of like dissolving an alka seltzer in water. This is where some nutrients are collected. Next, the food gets swallowed and goes down a tube called the esophagus, this is a transport to the stomach. Once it hits the stomach, the stomach acid begins to break the food down to even smaller particles.After leaving the stomach the food enters the small intestine. Your small intestine is a 20-25 foot tube that is coiled up in your abdomen. The most important part of digestion takes place in the small intestine. As the thick liquid food paste travels through your small intestine the nutrients are absorbed by millions of tiny finger-like objects called villi and sent into your bloodstream where the nutrients can travel to all your body cells. Once it leaves your small intestines it enters the large intestines which is home of the undigested food.   The undigested food enters the large intestine as a liquid paste. In the large intestine water is removed from the liquid paste turning what is left into solid waste. Remember, liquid paste to solid waste. The solid waste then collects in the rectum at the end of the large intestine and will finally leave the body through an opening called the anus.

    The digestive system works very closely with the circulatory system to get the absorbed nutrients distributed through your body. The circulatory system also carries chemical signals from your endocrine system that control the speed of digestion.
The digestive system also works in parallel with your excretory system. While the digestive system collects and removes undigested solids, the excretory system filters compounds...

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