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The Effects of Divorce on Teens Essay

  • Submitted by: smokeweed
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "The Effects of Divorce on Teens" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Divorce is a very hard thing for anyone to go through. It is an even harder process when there are teenagers stuck in the middle of everything. It takes time for the teens to adjust to all the changes that are taking place. They have to go through multiple stages of the divorce, and even once it is done can never really escape everything that comes from it. There are a lot of emotions that everyone goes through, and it is different for all sorts of people. It is most important for teens to realize that they are not the ones to blame for their parents mistakes, and to make the best out of the situation they are forced to be a part of. All kids who’s parents go through divorce are effected by it, no matter what, sometime it is in a good way or a bad, but either way their lives are changed forever.

A teenager’s biggest influence comes from their parents, because they are the people who have always been around to set an example of how they should live their lives. When parents get a divorce, their children are affected in many ways. Of course the divorce of one’s parents is going to have some effect on them, everything they are used to is getting disrupted and changed on them. There are many signs that teens are able to pick up on that their parents may be on their way to getting divorced, and that alone can have an effect on how they feel. During the long process of divorce teens have many emotions about the changes that are taking place in their lives, and for each teenager the effects of divorce can be different. Even once the actual divorce is done with there are still many changes and feeling the children of the parents have. It is already hard enough to be a teenager, but once your put in the middle of a divorce it can feel like everything around you is changing.
As much as the news of a divorce can come as a shock to family members, there are normally signs that there is a possibility of a divorce happening. In some cases it may be easier for a...

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