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The Effects Of Gender On Cardiovascular Fitness A Essay

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The Effects Of Gender on Cardiovascular Fitness After Exercise
By Kaitlyn Frandoni

We tested the at rest pulse rate of one male and one female student before having each follow a three minute stepping exercise routine. A metronome kept the pace of the routine and the time was kept by stopwatch. We found that on average females had a higher pulse rate than males, but they return to their resting heart rate only slightly faster than their male counterparts. However, the difference in the time it takes both genders to reach an “at rest” pulse rate is not significant, concluding that gender does not factor into how much time it takes for a person to reach their “at rest” pulse rate after a short amount of exertion.
For decades there have been numerous studies that tested various hypotheses on what variables impact a person’s cardiovascular fitness. Factors such as smoking, heart conditions, weight, and physical fitness are just a few components that can influence the health of an individual. How fast or slow your heart rate is at rest and how quickly it recovers after physical exertion can be a factor in cardiovascular fitness. However, we questioned whether a person’s gender might be a factor in how fast or slow s/he recovered after some sort of strenuous activity. Therefore, in this experiment we hypothesized that a male pulse rate would decrease back to its resting state more rapidly than a female’s pulse rate after an exercise regiment.  
Cardiovascular Exercise. For this experiment we paired off one male and female per each of six groups to do a regimented step exercise continuously for three minutes. The steps were eight inches off the ground and both subjects stepped on and off the ledge at a rate of 30 steps per minute.
Pulse Measurement. The subjects’ pulse was measured before and immediately after exercise and at 1-minute intervals until the pre-exercise pulse rate was reached (time to recovery).

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