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The Entrepreneur Student Essay

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Everybody seems to be in small business these day everyone is manufacturing some little gewgaws. Everyone is Hawking some useful wares everybody is doing some service for somebody.
    The reason for the upsurge of and the reversion to the trade man and the village hawker of old are manifold. Everyone wants to become a billionaire or just a millionaire, or maybe the currency has greatly devaluated and start their mega billions from people in the world are said to have started this way.
    Many people hear   you cannot get rich by being an employee so became an employer. Like the Korean they said to their children after they were graduate they want to handle their family business to gain money!. But the Filipino people said their children after they were   graduate they should have a job, but they don’t know their   Boss is an a Korean.
    That’s why the condition of there living they not change because they are still an employee of an Koreans. The tradition of Filipino is being bond. Example of history the people is always captive by another country. And there business we have being a captive because were not an owner but a employee.
    They think what is the profit of being a Filipino? that’s   why the Filipino people still can’t go forth their live in their society. Because they   still an employee. Now it’s time to make a different in our lives. But you can earn money even if you still a student.
      Business is. The word business does not have a clear meaning. It   means the work or   activity by which goods and service are provide and obtained for money payment.
      Business is an understanding or venture for our main reason of making   a gain or profit. It may be defined just an employee, trade, merchandising, transaction, profession or something to be transacted and running a company to be done.
Business   include any lawful activity carried on continuously, which involves buying and selling, manufacturing and rendering...

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