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The Environment and the Economy Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Environment and the Economy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Economists know that regulation, of any kind, is rarely beneficial for the economy unless those advantages outweigh the costs of not following such regulations. But for decades environmentalist, as well as some economist, have argued that regulations have actually fueled economic growth. When Congress passed the Clean Air Act (CAA) in 1970, Government Agencies began implementing regulatory rules on the basis of   "technology-forcing regulation" - regulation that pressures the private economy to create new, cleaner technologies that will not only clean up the environment, but also generate whole new businesses and industries that will renew the economy. (Fulton, 2010) And while technology forcing regulations have had huge successes in extensively reducing air pollution and increasing fuel efficiency in cars, there is some doubt on how beneficial these regulations have been to the economy in the recent years. In William McKibben’s book “The End of Nature” McKibben makes an interesting point in regard to how people view the environment and how they react to regulation if it hurts the economy, he wrote, “In some sense the physical world is no longer as real to us as the economic world – we cosset and succor the economy; our politicians gear every decision to speeding its further growth. So if someone says, ‘Ending our reliance on fossil fuels will harm the economy,’ that settles the issue. By contrast if someone says, “Relying on fossil fuels is wrecking the planet,’ it seems an almost irrelevant objection – the Earth has become abstract, and the economy concrete, to us.” If preserving the environment is going to take a leading role in American life, if it is going to gain any further ground, advantage it must be done so in a way in which such preservation attempts, such as regulation, doesn’t hurt the economy. Which brings up one question: What implications do environmental regulations truly have on an economy as diverse and robust as in the United States?

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