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The Fall of the Great Gasby Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Alex Dzhurbiy
Mrs. Eller
English III A
The Fall of the Great Gatsby

      Fitzgerald depicts characters as naïve to suggest that people who refuse to accept the truth destroy themselves.
      Even after 5 years apart, Gatsby continued to believe his fantasies that Daisy after getting married still loved him. Gatsby’s refusal to accept the truth eventually caused his downfall. Daisy has been the motivational force that pushed Gatsby to amass his great fortune. However, this fortune has been accumulated for an idealized Daisy, who does not exist in reality. Gatsby created an illusion of who Daisy was, a distorted illusion. He continued to live in this allusion until the day he died. Gatsby imagined that he and Daisy had always shared a deep, mutual love together. Gatsby believed that through his efforts he would conquer reality with his romantic dreams. However, his romantic dreams would never fit in with reality. Gatsby does not want to accept the fact that Daisy does not love him any more and will not leave Tom for him. Gatsby's delusional belief that Daisy will leave Tom for him is shown in Chapter 7 where he confidently states that “both of us loved each other all that time, old sport, and you didn't know." When Daisy states that she loves Tom, Gatsby’s dream that Daisy is leaving Tom for him is crushed. Daisy has no intention of leaving Tom.  Gatsby fails to see that the Daisy he once knew is not the same Daisy now. Gatsby never refuses to accept the truth and continues to stay by Daisy. Gatsby’s failure to accept that Daisy has changed, eventually leads to his downfall. Gatsby creates the illusion of Daisy being the perfect girl that he remembered her to be 5 years ago. Daisy however changed, she became irresponsible and uncaring as shown in how she uses her power to hide from reality. Whenever something goes wrong Daisy and Tom simply run away from their problems. Daisy, an irresponsible driving, has caused Myrtle’s death, which...

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