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The Fcc Essay

  • Submitted by: michaeleaglin
  • on February 19, 2012
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The FCC is the rules and regulations for what is being played on television and the radio. The FCC regulates shows to air profound programs and obscene language during certain hours of the day on network television. It is unlawful to show or say certain things during the day without a radio station or television network being fined.   But throughout the years, the regulations on some programs during the day have allowed more graphic language and sexuality during their programs. Even though they are being fazed out on television, soap operas are prime example of shows that push the envelope. But before they air, the FCC has already viewed the show. The FCC is more worried about shows that are viewed lived.
In 2004, during Super Bowl 38’s halftime show, singer Janet Jackson was performing with another artist. During the performance, the singer pulled off Jackson’s shirt, exposing her breast to the audience and the viewers watching the program. Jackson and the network, CBS, faced a lot of heat from the FCC. Jackson said the incident was a “wardrobe malfunction” and had no knowledge that the other artist was going to rip her shirt off. The halftime show was produced by MTV and since the incident, has never produced another halftime show. CBS was fined $550,000, but the case was later voided in 2011. The incident was labeled indecent, obscene, and profane. With the Super Bowl being viewed by millions of people a year, the show should have known that younger children would be viewing the show as well. The Super Bowl is on during normal viewing hours and the network should have been more cautious and possibly seen a rehearsal of the show beforehand.
I think the FCC needs to be around for the programs that come on network television. Shows on television have become too acceptable to issues that should not be looked at as tolerable. Shows like “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” are shows that I believe should not even be allowed on television due to the message that it is...

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