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The Fears Essay

  • Submitted by: luisadaze
  • on January 27, 2013
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Fear of the water, of heights, and of some animals are just a few examples of scary things for some people. However, for me fear has just one meaning, and it is Loneliness. What I am going to relate in this essay probably won’t explain what the word loneliness literally means.   Instead, what I am going to illustrate are examples of how my big fear started, how I faced it, and the relief that I found after I had accepted my fear.
When I was a little girl, my environment was full of love from my parents and close family member such as my uncles, aunts, and cousins.   At that time, I felt very confident about everything, and because I grew up on a farm, I felt invincible. I did not feel scared about anything in life.   My only concern was just to wake up the next day and do wherever I felt like. After I turned 13, my dad made the decision to sent me to a convent - school far away from home.   He made this decision because I has fallen in love with a guy that first, was older than me, and second, was in the Army. The awful thing was that he took me away from home unexpectedly.   My first night at that place was as cold and quiet as being in a cemetery. I was kept awake all night by the fear I felt of being alone in that strange place. I had never known what it was to feel scared, and that night, for first time in my life, I learned how that awful feeling was. I recognized my only fear. After several months of being in that place and after I begged my dad to take me back home, he finally listened and after one year, I was back at home in my comfortable surroundings. My fear left again, not for a long period of time, but for awhile, in the middle, I was me again, being a Tarzan in the jungle.
After several years and after I had turned 18, again I got the same horrible feeling, but this time was different. My dad was kidnapped. I was not home when it happened because a few weeks before, I have flown to another city looking for a better job opportunity.   My mom called me,...

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