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The Five Boons of Life Essay

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  • on October 5, 2012
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To Kill a Mockingbird
The story started with the curiousity of Scout and his brother Jem, and their neighbor Dill about Boo Radley, their neighbor who never come out from his house. They heard the rumour that Boo wounded his father’s leg with scissors whe he was a kid, so his father locked him up in the house and never allow him to get outside. So, these kids tried many ways to see Boo. They get more curious about Boo when they found little presents in the big old tree near Boo’s house. One day, Scout’s and Jem’s father, Atticus Finch, an attorney decided to become a lawyer for a black man named Tom Robinson. Tom accused beating and raping Mayella Ewell, a white woman. At that time, racial discrimination still exist in Maycomb, Alabama that many citizens oppose and dislike Atticus’ decision. Scout and Jem get scolded as nigger lover and children at their school also said many bad things about their father so that Scout get upset and fought with other kids.
Without Atticus permission, Scout, Jim, and Dill sneaked to   the court house to watch Tom Robinson’s trial. They saw when Atticus convingcingly can prove that Mayella and his father, Bob Ewell has said perjury. At the trial revealed that it was Mayella who seduced Tom and his father was furious when he saw it then beat her. Eventhough Tom was proved innocent, the jury still convicted him with punishment. A verdict which was clearly based on racial prejudice made Scout, Dill, and especially Jem shocked. Atticus tried to appeal, but then Tom Robinson was shot   when he was trying to escape from prison.
Bob Ewell, who felt humiliated by Atticus at the court, seek his revenge. When Jem and Scout went home from Hallowen party, Bob attacked them with a knife. Jem and Scout were powerless when someone came and help them. That person was Boo Radley. He was forced to stab Bob Ewell to save the kids. Finally Jem and Scout could see Boo face to face. Then Scout walked Boo home. Boo entered his house and...

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