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The Food Pyramid Essay

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The food pyramid originated in Sweden in 1972 due to high food prices. The foods that made up the Food Pyramid were decided by Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare. These particular foods were said to be cheap, basic, and nutritious.
Anna Britt Agnsater is the head of the Kooperativa Forbundet, which is a federation of consumer co-operatives in Sweden and a retail group, with groceries as its core business. Anna Britt Agnsater held a lecture in 1973 to talk about the idea of the pyramid and to discuss the different food groups. Fjalar Clemes who attended the lecture came up with idea to put the different food groups into a triangle. Anna Britt Agnsater took the idea into consideration and got started on the project. It wasn’t until 1974 that the first real actual food pyramid was introduced to the public. It was put into a very popular magazine in Sweden called “Vi Magazine”. The first pyramid only had three sections, at the base were the basic food, such a milk, cheese, margarine, bread, cereals, and potatoes, the next section included supplemental vegetable and fruit, and the last section was supplemental meat, fish, and eggs. The pyramid also included the amount of serving you should have of each section each day. The pyramid caused chaos throughout Sweden due to the fact that National Board had already created a dietary circle, which was basically a circle divided into seven slice with food that were considered “basic” and “nutritious”, but it failed because it was considered unorganized and it did not supply enough information, due to the fact that it did not indicate how much per food you should consume in a day. The Kooperativa Forbundet continued to promote the Food Pyramid and now almost all countries all over the world have developed their own Food Pyramid.
It wasn’t until 1992 that The United States Department of Agriculture introduced the Food Pyramid to the United States public. The United Sates pyramid is divided into six horizontal...

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