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The Fountainhead Essay

  • Submitted by: paremnesia
  • on January 5, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The Fountainhead" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Fountainhead Book Report Roark and Keating Howard Roark and Peter Keating are two characters whose goals in life are similar, but the manner in which they go about achieving them differs greatly. Howard Roark, the protagonist of the story, is a man whose only passion is architecture and has wanted to be an architect since he was a boy. Peter Keating, the antagonist of the story representing everything Roark hates in society, is a follower in life and whose only prerogative is to get ahead in the world, no matter what the cost or who he has to use in the process. He too strives to be an architect, but his motives are more about money and power unlike Roark, who would work for free if he had to in order to build what he wants to see created as long as he was allowed to do things his way. Throughout the book, the success of the two men in their careers is compared to one another, as well as an analysis on how they go about achieving that success. While more obstacles may lie in the way of Roark’s path than of Keating’s, he consistently refuses to compromise his integrity no matter what benefits may come of it. Keating, on the other hand, has no concern about what means he has to use to accomplish what he’s all about, money and power. In my paper, I will attempt to show how the differences in these two character’s personalities affect how the world and individuals close to them perceive them and their actions. 2 Keating’s mother, for example, is an overprotective, overbearing women with whom Roark and Keating both lived with while attending Stanton University. Keating’s mother appears to be a woman that enjoys imposing her views on others by looking for weak spots in their personalities and creeping in through those venues. An example of this technique in action is displayed with her son Peter, with whom she consistently appeals to his desire for success in life by showing him what great things he could achieve if he would just do as she says, such as marry Dominique...

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