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The Four Leaf Clover Essay

  • Submitted by: naya
  • on February 18, 2012
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The Four Leaf Clover

“Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub.” There was a time limit on Zack’s life. He didn’t know it back then. He was just an eight year old kid, yet the only thing he did was love.   Zack was constantly hospitalized due to his failing heart, but he wasn’t depressed or bored at all. It was quite the opposite. He was always energized and could barely wait for those shiny red shoes to appear at the entryway of his room.

He sat on the edge of his bed as he observed the familiar scarlet skirt, and the curls of long dark brown hair dance, leaving trails of her sweet strawberry shampoo. Her mischievous green eyes would capture his, and her smile would fill his whole body with warmth as if he was standing at the heart of a stove. Chloe, daughter of Zack's doctor, was his best friend.

Being the same age as Zack, she was the twinkle to his life, as he was the happy light to Chloe’s road. Although they fought every day, they loved each other so much that they couldn't be separated as if they were glued together. They would sneak around the hospital despite the nurse's instructions to stay in bed. In promising weather they would even play outside because Chloe adored his blue eyes that sparkled at the sight of freedom. In the day time when the nurses were on their lunch break they'd sneak out to play dodge ball and because of night time practice they were the best team in town. They were two people but they played as one.

Zack loved the way the wind soared through his shirt and how the sun colored the sky. He loved the place he lived in. Like any other boys his age, Zack had a dream of his own. He wanted to become an astronaut. With his adolescent mind, he simply wished he could see the whole world; not from magazines or photographs, but in real life. He wanted to travel into space and see it for himself. But one thing he did not wish for was his own destiny.

One cold and starry night, Chloe crept downstairs to get a drink of water. When she saw the...

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