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The Fundamentals of Environmental Science Essay

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The Fundamentals of Environmental Science
Patrick Donald
Feb 13, 2011
Joseph Linkley
The Fundamentals of Environmental Science
To start, environmental science is known as the “branch of biology concerned with the relationships between organisms and their environment” ("Environmental Silence - The Definition Of Environmental Science", 2003-2011). This is so important to us because understanding our affect on the world will help us to better thrive, and also help to ensure other species thrive as well.

The concept of environmental sustainability is such an important study because the resources we enjoy on earth are not all infinite. Non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuels, take millions of years to recreate, and thus once we use all of them up, that’s it. Imagine if you could not fill up the tank in your car next week, because all fuel has been used, how would that change your life?
This is true for several other resources, some, like timber, are renewable if we harvest them properly. We can grow back crops, such as foods and timber with the right practices, by utilizing the soil as much as possible, and ensuring our harvest techniques are as non-destructive as possible.   Trees for instance, filter our air and provide for a better environment for all species of life, not to mention the habitat it provides for animals, and the food.
We still pollute our air, land and water, causing damages to the natural habitat of other naturally dwelling species, and corrupting the food chain and natural life cycle. Polluting the water may make certain types of sea life become endangered, or worse, extinct. In short, if we do not study and develop better ways to achieve environmental sustainability, we will ignorantly use up all of the resources we have, and then we will not be able to sustain ourselves.
It is sad, but human beings tend to predominantly act upon greed, and often times the cheapest, most financially beneficial method of doing business, is...

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