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The Gamer Generations Essay

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The gaming generations have and will most likely change over the years. The past had the basics which started the craze for gaming.   Nowadays there are more modern gamers due to the appeal and entertainment value. I believe future gamers will increase in number due to the possibilities of what gaming can be. Gamers are increasing and aren’t limited by race or gender.
Gaming all started with simple graphics and little motor skills were needed. These games (such as Pong) gave a small appeal to a few but only kept alive due to human nature for compition. After awhile new games and consoles came out like the NES and Atari. These games and their ability to do co-op play gave more interest to more people, whether they like to play with or against a friend. After more games came out a craze started with tournaments and arcade booths nationwide between America and Japan.

The craze didn’t die but became a part of life for present day kids and adults. As the tournament winners and hardcore gamers grown up they introduced their kids to gaming allowing them to understand and play games as if they were a second nature. As games and consoles changed so did the way they were played. Game controllers changed from a joystick and a button into controllers with D-pads with a few buttons and triggers or into pads that allowed a person to use their whole body (Dance Dance Revolution). With the increased complexity of gaming and improvement of graphics for realism attracted more people and made communities of gamers ranging from all ages, gender, and race.
As for the future, the possibilities are ever expanding. With major gaming companies competing in camera gaming that allows the player to use their own body to control the game or be there character, gaming is evolving close to virtual reality. Eventually gaming is going to involve just helmets that allow the player to control there character with just there mind or possibly convert a room into a virtually reality, either...

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