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The Garden of Eden Essay

  • Submitted by: WendzGB
  • on January 27, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Why do we assume anything of a paranormal nature to have been created by fraud?

Why do we distrust each other so?

Why can we simply not believe in the distinct possibility of everyday miracles?

Why do we find it so easy to believe in the 'bad' and 'ugly' and deny the good?

We almost seem to relish, in a matyristic way, in devastation, violence and so on as is it justifies our poor outlook on life. And I use the word 'poor' here specifically as an antonym to 'rich' or even better 'wealthy', including mental and emotional health and innate wisdom.

Is this the result of our fall from grace that fateful day in the Garden of Eden?

Please don't get me wrong, I am not religious but I do see myself as spiritual, so I use this reference purely symbolically as in all creation myths there is a point where humanity separated from the power (love) of the creator and consequently from each other.

What happened when Eve allegedly ate of the forbidden fruit? I liken it in my mind's eye to the opening of Pandora's Box. In wanting to know too much we somehow forfeited our innate gifts and powers and traded them in for a jaded view of life in general.

Is it really better in the afterlife? Regardless, why can life 'here and now' not be of the best grade?

Perhaps because we won't allow it to be; we seem to refuse to form a conscious, concerted effort to see things as better for all.

Am I taking a childish, naive view? Perhaps, some might say, probably many.

I am not suggesting an ideal world is one devoid of all pain or death. It is certainly not devoid of natural disasters or their subsequent fallout but it is free of deliberate violence, no matter the excuse, including the deluded destruction of our environment.

Yes, we seem to have forgotten to trust each other and the result is a world overflowing with grief, mourning ultimately the loss of connection with each other and our earth too.

We have been conditioned to think of ourselves as separate...

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