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The Gift of Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: jeffwilliamsgt
  • on October 20, 2013
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Williams 1
Jeff Williams
English 1
Essay #2
Writing is a way to share knowledge, insight, and experience with people. Each author has a different ideal or experience they want to share with the world.   They write to share and possibly influence their readers.   So, as a reader, a person could choose to see each piece of writing as a gift of knowledge and experience in that they don’t need to go out into the world and experience the issue in order to understand it.   Miah Arnold and Dudley Clendinen’s essays provide great insight into issues that aren’t very common in everyday life.   If a reader chooses to utilize what these authors have given, the reader would greatly benefit, much as a person would through a gift.
All writing has something to offer.   Whether it be something small or something totally revolutionary, it is always of some significance and something can always be gained from reading and understanding someone else’s experience.   The content in Arnold’s and Clendinen’s essays is very sad and it deals with tough issues in life, and this makes them hard to read and difficult to find any way to benefit from them.   Although, when the stories are read to the end (which does require investment and perseverance), the reader is left very moved and satisfied with a new respect for life that usually wasn’t present before.   The particular gift for these stories was a new perspective on life.
Williams 2
Because every piece of writing has something to offer, in turn, we can benefit from what we are given through the writing.   There are so many ways the gift of writing can be used for benefit.   Literature can increase personal skills, create the ability to predict various reaction and situations in life, and create a deeper understand of life.   And that is just to list a very small percentage of the potential benefits.   For those reasons, writing should be seen as a gift because it can be used to further your understanding of life, which is nearly...

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