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The Giver Essay

  • Submitted by: arinakaster
  • on October 20, 2013
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        Unlike our society, Jonas lives in a community where everything is the same, a place where some people would describe as perfect. It is free of any type of suffering. There is no hunger, pain, or war. No one knew the difference between right or wrong because they were not given the right to choose, leading them not to have personal freedom or individuality. I think the Committee of Elders should risk all of the negative stuff for people to have free will and personality.  
Throughout the book, we start to see that his community is more of a dystopia than a utopia. As Jonas said, “We really have to protect people from making wrong choices,” (99). Therefore, everything is planned out to prevent any sort of problem. They are given a family unit: a spouse and children. Once Jonas begins his training as a receiver, he starts to take in different feelings. He becomes frustrated because the people in his society have never felt pain, love, or any other feeling. In his community, they are very strict on following the rules. When they disobey the government or are of no use to the community, they are “released”.   Citizens thought it meant being sent out of the other community, but it actually meant getting killed. No one ever wondered what was right or wrong because they did not   know. They were not able to make decisions for themselves. Jonas then started to understand why it is so important to have memories, individuality, and freedom. He couldn't stand living in sameness anymore and left.
“The life where nothing was ever unexpected. Or inconvenient. Or unusual. The life without colour, pain or past,”(165) Jonas says. He lives throughout the years not knowing about everything he could have felt, seen, experienced, because of living in sameness. Our society isn’t perfect, but we have all experienced some sort of feeling and have individual freedom. Everything being the same will keep our world from developing. His community is lacking so many important...

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