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The Grass Essay

  • Submitted by: AndrewCoyle
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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It's quite easy for lovers of marijuana to list and describe the benefits that will stem from the   legalization of the popular drug.   And though I consider myself to hold a youthful affinity for the green plant that we call 'weed', the legalization process has many, many crucial steps before it can be considered a serious possibility at all.   This, coming from a indulger of the drug, should bring up the points that will make one see the reasons that make marijuana legalization unfeasible.
Like driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of marijuana can be extremely dangerous and life-wrecking.   Though stoners have largely decided between themselves that 'driving high is easy as fuck' and 'you're a better driver when you're stoned', the truth lies behind the fact that driving high can be, just as alcohol can, a catalyst for catastrophe.   The easy solution? Set a limit for marijuana consumption. Right? Wrong.   First off, there is no current tool that can measure exactly how high someone is.   Therefore, limits can't be set to keep driving on marijuana a tame prospect.   When innocent people get involved in vehicular disaster with someone who was driving high, chaos will ensue.   The anti-pot extremists are then given excruciatingly easy evidence that they can post on the door of the President as if to say “Told you so.”   On top of this eye-opening deterrent, the reaction to the consumption of marijuana is so entirely variable that no one can predict how a driver might act based on how much has been consumed. Too many temperamental factors can play in 'how high' someone will get.   This is where marijuana and alcohol differ.   There is a set way to measure drunkenness and it is always 100% correct.   We know exactly how someone will act at .04%, exactly how someone will act at .08%, and so on.   We know the limits of alcohol, where as no one is really too sure   how far marijuana can go.   Contrary to the stereo-typical view of the 21st century...

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