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The Handwriting On The Wall Essay

  • Submitted by: jayjay9
  • on February 19, 2012
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The Handwriting on the Wall
In a world of increasing electronic media, penmanship has taken a back seat to all things convenient. Throughout the past decade and a half, computers, smart phones, and other electronic devices have encroached on every aspect of our lives. E-mails have replaced letters. Facebook entries and phone texts have quickly become the daily social fare of a new high tech generation. While all this progress has proved increasingly expedient, should we so easily forget what handwritten words mean to us? Can we set aside the meaningful effort of putting pen to paper and expressing our thoughts? To this, I argue that penmanship is still relevant and important.
Though computers have gained widespread usage, writing by hand is not completely unemployed in the world. Job hunting, in particular, can really be affected by your handwriting. Many times, how you fill out job applications will influence a prospective employer’s impression of you, as they are especially notorious for choosing applicants with good handwriting. In an article posted on Maximum Potential.com, a website for helping people find jobs, an interviewer stated “When I got down to the last group of applications that were similar in experience and skill, neat handwriting took the front seat” (Grant). The career builder site further went and indicated that “35% of any first impression is your appearance. Therefore the appearance of your handwriting is a key weighted factor in your application being noticed instantly” (Grant).
Writing also factors in to learning as well. Published in 2010, an Indiana University research project conducted by Professor of Psychology Karin James presented evidence suggesting that the act of writing out letters rather than just seeing them stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for helping adults read.   The experiment divided twelve toddlers, four and five years old, into two groups. For four weeks, one group was shown letters and another group...

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