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The Hobbit Essay

  • Submitted by: joelrodriguez
  • on November 12, 2012
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Many adventures occur before chapter five, “Riddles in the dark,” in the hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. First, Gandalf the wizard arrives to Bilbo’s home, and invites Bilbo to share an adventure to reclaim a stolen treasure from the dragon. Bilbo is only a hobbit that had not planned to join the group, and has no experience, so he joins them anyways. While their traveling began in the Misty Mountains, they come across climbing up dangerous mountains. Suddenly, Bilbo becomes separate from his group, because they were getting chase by ugly Goblins. So, Bilbo gets frightened and falls into the Misty Mountains and wakes up into a tunnel of darkness.
          Although, The Hobbit the animated film and the novel has many differences. For instance, Gollum looks more like a frog in the animated film, and Gollum’s eyes looks green, it doesn’t look pale like how they describe it in the novel. In the novel it describes that Gollum is a slimy creature with big round pale eyes, and a thin face. Another change in the animated film and the novel, was when Bilbo found the ring in the tunnel it showed that Bilbo examine the ring, in the novel it describes that Bilbo felt something that felt like a tiny ring, but Bilbo didn’t examine what he felt in his hand. It seems as though Muller the film maker made changes, because the animated film was made for children to understand the movie by using pictures. Even though the book is to create or picture a movie in peoples mind.

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