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The Importance of Separation Techniques Essay

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Our life is full of separated products; from the butter on your toast and the juice glass next to it, to the petrol in your car, countless commonly used products are separated. You might not know that the alcohol in your Dad’s mojito is separated from a parent material. The cream on your coffee is also made using separating techniques, the oxygen supplied at the difficult moments of someone’s life, that might even bring him back to normal is also, a separated product. Methods of separation are used around the world, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong; Parts of the United States, United Kingdom and Belgium recycle water, also, which is done by purifying water by separation techniques. The used water is recycled to purify to be able to use it again. This cycle keeps on going.
There are seven common separation techniques used in our daily life, namely,
1. Filtration: This method is used to separate an insoluble liquid from the liquid, for this method to be used; the particles of the insoluble liquid are suspended throughout the liquid forming a suspension.
2. Dissolution: This method is used to separate a mixture of soluble and insoluble liquids, a suitable solvent is used for dissolving one of the solids in the mixture and insoluble solids can then be removed by filtration.
3. Crystallization: This method is used for separating the soluble solids from their solution by cooling them.
4. Simple Distillation: Liquids that quickly evaporate/are volatile should are separated from liquids that are not volatile. The non-volatile has a higher Boiling Point, so, we boil the two liquids, the volatile liquid will evaporate and the non-volatile liquid will remain as a residue in the distillation flask.
5. Fractional Distillation: When two or more solids are miscible(can mix with each other) liquids with different boiling points, they are both distilled, first, we distill the liquid with the lowest...

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