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The Incas Essay

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Unit 2 Test
Ch. 7
21. Which of the following was not a reason for the decline of the Abbasid dynasty by the 9th century CE.
a. Collapse of all major cities
b. Retention of regional identities by the population
c. Difficulty of moving armies across the great distances of the empire
22. What was al-Mahdi’s attitude toward the Shi’ite population?
a. He viewed them as opponents and attempted to eliminate them
b. he appealed to the moderate factions to support him
c. he tried to convince them to live frugally
23. How did the administration of al-rashid set a trend of subsequent Abbasid Rulers?
a. he was heavily dependent on Persian advisor
b. He made the position of caliph all powerful
c. he stressed the importance of piety and simplicity
24. Which of the following statements is true regarding women during abbasid ear?
a. No Islamic women engaged in labor
b. Rich women had many career opportunities
c. Women often practiced polygamy
25. What was the religious affiliation of the Seljuk Turks?
a. Christian
b. Sunni
c. Sufi
26. Who was the leader responsible for the reconquest of most of the territory captured by the Christian Crusaders?
a. Firdwsi
b. Umar
c. Saladin
27. What was the impact of the Crusades on Islam?
a. There was minimal impact on Islam
b. Trade was cut off between the west and Islam
c. Islam fell into a decline and was eclipsed by the Mongols
28. What was the primary written language of the later Abbasid court?
a. Arabic
b. Persian
c. Latin
29. What was the Shah-Nama?
a. History of Persian from creation to the Islamic conquests
b. Name given to the first of the Caliph
c. Set of romantic stories
30. Which of the following statements is true regarding the ulama?
a. It stressed an increasingly restrictive conservatism with in Islam
b. It favored Byzantine types of worships
c. It brought mysticism into Islam with an emphasis on evangelism
31. What ruler was associated with the transition from riding to the...

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