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The Inn of Lost Time Questions Essay

  • Submitted by: wliang002
  • on January 27, 2013
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1. The tale of Urashima Taro and the story Zenta told both express the most precious thing in life is time.   When Urashima Tao learned a big piece of his life was lost as well as his family and friends, he realized nothing was important anymore. Likewise, the merchant from Zanta’s story was willing to give up his gold which he thought was the most important thing of life to exchange the time he had lost.
  2. If an inn wants to attract business, it shouldn’t locate in a hidden place. This mysteries inn clearly didn’t care about attracting customers which was very usual. The merchant, Tokubei was old enough and experienced enough to be suspicious of the Inn. But he still choice to spend the night there because he was too cheap to go a better inn. He choose to be a victim because he valued money more than safety.
  3.   The most convincing element of the hoax was both the young girl and the old woman from the inn had six fingers on their left hands. It turned out to be the old woman was actually the girl’s grandmother.   The family had the grandmother pretended to be the girl in fifty years to trick the merchant and Zenta.   Having six fingers was something that runs in their family.
  4. Matsuzo meant time cannot be exchanged or purchased with anything. A Chinese proverb says: “An inch of time cannot be bought with an inch of gold”.   We live in every moment; the time we lost is gone forever. Above all things, time should be valued the most important thing in life.

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