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The Lake- Ray Bradbury Essay

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  • on September 20, 2012
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The lake (sections)

The author
Ray Douglas Bradbury is born in 1920, and is known for his authoring. He has written over 500 texts and plays, among other things, horror, science fiction and fantasy story's.

  * Tally- Harold’s childhood girlfriend, who drowned at an age of 10
  * Harold- the main person, loved his girlfriend Tally before and after her death
  * Margaret- Harold's wife
  * Lifeguard- finds Tally's body and brings it to shore
  * Mother- Harold's mother, brings Harold to the beach where Tally drowned

I have read an extract of "The Lake” by Ray Bradbury. The fictional text was about Harold’s girlfriend named Tally, and his life after her disappearance. When she was ten years old and he was twelve, she swam out in the lake and never came back. A couple of months later, Harold and his "Mama" went back to the beach and the lake where she drowned. He built a sandcastle at the beach, but he only built the one half of it, because Tally was supposed to build the rest. The two of them used to build one half each back in the days.

The story jumped a couple of years into to future where Harold was happily married to a girl named Margaret. On one of their many journeys, they travelled to the lake and the beach where Tally drowned. Suddenly the lifeguard arrived in his boat at the beach, where Harold stood admiring the lake. His heart skipped a beat when he came to think about his love back in the days. The lifeguard didn't look very well and he carried a bag, big enough for a ten year old to be carried in. Harold asked him what it contained, but the lifeguard didn't think it was an good idea to tell him. In the end, he got his will and discovered that Tally, who hadn't been found for ten years, finally was discovered.

At the beach Harold found a half-finished sandcastle, same as the one he made ten years ago. Instead of leaving it there for Tally to finish it, he finished it for her. Afterwards he went back to his...

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