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The Last Air Bender Review

  • Submitted by: vickiecyc
  • on February 19, 2012
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The Last Air Bender Review
  “The Last Air Bender” is a teenager movie which directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The story is about a world which consist four elements groups, Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Each group has a population of benders in order to control the elements of their nations. However, there is a special bender who has ability to control all four elements and keep the balance of the world, and he is the air bender who is also known as Avatar. However, the Avatar has disappeared for hundreds of years, and during this time, Fire Nation starts to being aggressive because they wants to over take the world. Nevertheless, two Water Nation people find the Avatar Aang extraordinarily, and they have to stand out in order to defeat the enemies. In the movie, there are many details reflect to people’s real life and it is important because many characteristics have been enlarged in the story in order to aware the audiences.
  The movie is trying to make people connect the story to the reality. The director made the Air as the strongest element is because people could not leave air to live. The same reason in the story, when people lost their Air bender, their lives would become harsh and miserable. In the other hand, Fire is a dangerous element which may threaten people’s life. Therefore, Fire Nation symbolizes the aggressive people in the society who want to take control others and make themselves in power. Water and Earth would become one part of justice because in reality, they all have abilities to defeat the power of the fire, so that they are most appropriate to be the helpers of the Air Bender. In the end of the movie, the huge waves of water scare away the Fire Nation and the huge waves may symbolizes the laws or some secret power of higher status people which could pose a threaten on the enemies. Apparently, many details in the movie reflect to people’s lives and they would make the movie more enjoyable.
    This movie is important because people can...

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